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  1. Headless Eyes says:

    I’ve yet to figure this out…if you were to sell your songs say through
    paypal on your website is there a way to notify soundscan for sales? The
    thing I really dislike going through cd baby is that I’ll get sales (I only
    know this through the people who actually purchased my song) is when I get
    a sale and where it sold. It gets sent out to itunes, amazon, etc. So I
    have nothing to reference. For me I think it’s really important to know
    these things. So if I sold a lot say in Spain then I know that maybe I
    should gear my marketing more in that area. Paypal would at least allow one
    to get paid right away and give a general location. I’m just one that hates
    waiting months or even longer for checks. I can’t tell what has happened at
    this point.

  2. Savannah L says:

    my dream job is to be an A&R scout once i’m finished with high school.
    These videos help me so much, Thank you!

  3. Luc Louis says:

    You spoke about buying media contacts. Where would be the best place to buy
    media contacts?

  4. tylernoelmusic says:

    Renman, I want to thank you for this platform..As an artist, this info is
    so valuable

  5. Joseph Smith says:

    i love this post, all my questions were answered 

  6. Justin Cross says:

    Sir Renman, thank you for sharing all this information. It’s excellent
    content, and I especially like how you augment the sessions with real,
    relevant, video interviews of legit players in the industry. You, yourself,
    have a great “No BS” approach to speaking, and it’s equally engaging and
    informative. I’ve watched almost all of the series, but I felt compelled to
    thank you and your team for putting these videos together. (Before I go and
    watch more and forget to!) I’m scouring the internet for information on DYI
    practices for the music industry, as I’ve made the plunge from a white
    collar full time job, to full time musician @ http://www.JustinCross.com, but I
    feel like you have all the content you need to get a band moving, at least
    a strong foundation, that leaves the viewer wanting to network with you, or
    work with you. Thanks again! Justin C. Cross, Charlotte, NC.


    i want to lorn 

  8. gridtrax says:

    We’re diggining these video from @renmanmb #RenmanU – Check out lesson #8
    How to Market & Promote Your Music http://ow.ly/AxLqR

  9. Vincent Leverenz says:

    Just Got To Do It! Lots to learn here if you want to be a music mogul.

  10. The Artist ONE says:

    Radio.. The greatest feeling is to hear your song being blasted from the
    car next to you at a stop light. 

  11. Latiniron says:

    Good Work.. 

  12. OfficialElgin says:

    Love all of your videos! Great insight.

  13. jose lara says:

    Awesome video! 

  14. OfficialBrothers says:

    Absolutely FANTASTIC! Definitely will be watching all your videos and
    subscribing to your website. 

  15. Sophie Blu says:

    This was time well spent! I’m a new subbie as of right now. You rock, man!
    I learned so much. I’m sharing your resourceful videos and website with my
    music buddies.

  16. Ken Stewart says:

    Invaluable lessons and information. Thanks so much Steve and production
    Discovered Steve and the channel after subscribing to the dreaded (and
    hilarious) Levsetz Letter. Googled Levsetz and the interview with Steve
    appeared. I’m glad it did. Cheers from Canada.

  17. Gardy Mercedat says:

    I found out about this page a week ago and I can say I’ve adopted some
    these ideas to my label and I have already started seeing small results
    thank you!!

  18. Alex Brown says:

    Marketing actually start from the creationg of the song. think about it
    artistes now adays post photos and videos of the creationg process and that
    builds fan anticipation so you could say pre marketing :)

  19. Solar Heavy says:

    Man this is pure gold, respect to all of you guys from the industry now and
    back then, these tips could really help those who truly apply the work and
    time needed.

  20. TheRealShroom says:

    This video has some great information. Oh yeah, and Michelle is hot!!! :)

  21. Sean Emmett says:

    Wow, i thought Walter White taught chemistry!?

  22. MrDanicos says:

    thank for taking ur time.jahbless

  23. pete C says:

    Great advice :)

  24. blackcrownmusic says:

    Thanks for the info. Do you have a link to get the blog list. That you
    mentioned in your video 

  25. geania grant says:

    reggae a world music not a niche

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