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  1. Hellsconsort says:

    I tried to watch this last night but my virgin media broadband kept die…

  2. cabrussell says:

    @MrFirefoxxxx Have you taken a minute to think that hes employing Indians
    because it gives them jobs? Sure, it saves him money, but that’s money he’s
    spending on fixing the global warming crisis. I’m with Virgin broadband and
    I phoned up their Indian call center and could understand them perfectly.
    So shut up you douchebag.

  3. Lillian Walker says:

    I love that idea of having a director of fun! Wow, what a great idea. In
    fact I guess I am the director of fun for my business, I am taking my
    agents and their spoused to the Irvine Improv to have a great evening
    filled with Laughter. But How do I bring more laughter and joy on a daily
    bases? What do you suggest? I sell Huntington Beach Homes for sale-that
    sounds boring. Any suggestions?

  4. Sean Wallace says:


  5. mohamed ashraf says:

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  6. Glasgow Interactive says:

    Great advice, sharing this video

  7. Everisingsun Entertainment says:

    Ever thought of Richard Branson the Virgin Record billionaire tycoon as
    being broke and struggling to survive?….this is the true essense of
    success, no matter what you persue in your life…only through ones
    achievements can you look back on the incredible journey that once
    was…great advice from a true marketing genius – Sir Richard Branson….

  8. LocalProfitGeyser says:

    There is something about Joe Polish that I find wildly entertaining. As a
    marketer myself, he is easy to listen to, and he has wildly effective
    advice. Branson? Him too.

  9. shekhar lamichhane says:

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  10. Jackson Ofentse Matsosa says:

    this an amazing guy

  11. farhan javeed says:

    I wonder how happy his employees are

  12. iseeproductions100 says:

    As a former Virgin Atlantic employee, I can honestly say employee morale is
    generally exceptional

  13. SKI ALLOT says:

    Totally agree!

  14. United Car Title Loans says:

    Richard Branson on Marketing and Business http://youtu.be/8dhbqOlvx2U

  15. Daisy Coleman says:

    A great video where Richard Branson shares some tips about marketing
    without spending money, and overcoming failures.

  16. EmployCallumToday says:

    “The greatest form of advertising is free advertising” Sir Richard Branson.

  17. Sundar Parajuli says:

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  18. Dave Fin says:

    Richard Branson on Marketing and Business..

  19. JD Dammeier says:

    Richard Branson is one of the best entrepreneurs who turned a brand into a
    marketing strategy that worked well. His method may not be duplicable, and
    that is what made him and Virgin the pioneer of branding and marketing.

  20. Adam Heller says:

    I totally agree, marketing should be a lot of fun for business owners.
    Richard Branson is both genius and passionate to stand in the crowd to
    promote his brand.

  21. Ujjwal Carkey says:

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  22. Empowernet International says:

    “Chance favours the prepared mind. The more you practice, the luckier you
    become.” – Richard Branson

  23. Guess who's balyhoosing says:

    Marketing is the backbone for any business. Call it direct mail or online
    or even telemarketing, business must take out budget for advertising &

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