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  1. Tinna Nilsson says:

    Very interesting!! 

  2. Randy Phillips says:

    Have you seen this video by Robert Kiyosaki?

    Why do you think MLM or Network marketing gets such a bad rap?

  3. Cheryl-Ann Dyck says:

    Thank you Robert for your encouragement in Network Marketing!

  4. jeff rosenstein says:

    text mobilebiz to 75000 to get mobile marketing for any biz for 20 bucks.
    I’ve read richdad poor dad it’s great and makes sense

  5. Haywood Jablome says:

    network marketing= pyramid scheme= scam
    I had someone try to recruit me the other day. All you supporters of
    Network Marketing- why are you so blatant regarding your support? Why
    support a business model that can’t even be sustained in theory?

  6. DannyDelino says:

    I rather listen to people who have results instead of a you retards who
    don’t have shit nor results. If robert kiyosaki and Donald trump support
    network marketing, I rather listen to them than to a dumbass who keeps
    blaming the world for their results

  7. vera shylyn says:

    The concept behind network marketing is a distriburion model that allows a
    company to sell their products directly to the consumers choosing to use a
    word of mouth approach (networking) instead of advertising through
    traditional streams (example: media). Therefore instead of paying the media
    for advertising, network marketing companies are structured to reward
    distributors through commision in return for selling their products and
    finding new customers.


  8. Spencer Foltz says:

    (SCAM)- Secretly Creating A Millionaire. Here is this millionaire evidently
    letting us know that Network Marketing will help you develop #sucess !
    Getting the knowledge, mindset, attitude, vision, confidence, motivation,
    positivity, experience, and winning is all about taking companies to the
    top and becoming unstoppable!

  9. Nick Parsons says:

    “It’s not about selling, it’s about people helping people create assets”

  10. WakeUpPaid365 says:

    Robert Kiyosaki explains why Network Marketing is better. Join me on this
    journey with Wake Up Now! Robert Kiyosaki The Business Of The 21st Century
    – Network Marketing – MLM. #wakeupnow #residualincome
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  11. Conservative1001BG says:

    Multi-Level Marketing: When you don’t want to work a real job and try to
    snake poor, uneducated people to buying into bullshit. 

  12. Nathan Kievman says:

    For those of you who are so against Network Marketing, just understand its
    history. Sure their are scams, but it’s a business model. Every business
    model has scams. Look at Enron, the financial giants, insurance companies,
    health care? think they are not scamming you? some are, some aren’t. Don’t
    throw the baby out with the bath water.

    Network Marketing, Multi level marketing are a derivative of Direct Sales,
    one of the worlds oldest professions. It was the brain child of a
    california company that thought it would be great to spread the wealth for
    anyone in the company who referred business, not just the sales guys. from
    there, it drove deeper and allowed everyone to become their own managers of
    their own teams, while financially rewarding them along the way for their
    efforts, leadership, management ability, etc.

    The model is sound. I run a traditional 7 figure business. I also am
    building a network marketing practice because it allows people without hope
    to have hope. It allows those willing to work hard, smart, and with
    guidance, to duplicate systems that work, and make money doing so.

    People fail all the time at what they “try to do”. When they do it in
    Network Marketing, they blame everyone but themselves. It’s a transparent
    business that reflects your mindset, approach to life, and work ethic. If
    you fail, look in the mirror to see why. 

  13. Higinio Martell III says:

    You negative naysayers should be studied for science…kinda like “inside
    the mind of a vegetable” type of stuff. The depths of ignorance is nothing
    short of astonishing. To be bombarded with overwhelming evidence and still
    be in denial about the industry as a whole…wow. But cool! Somebody’s
    gotta bag my groceries and make my kid’s happy meals! Might as well be you

  14. dante hyndman says:

    @conservative1001bg you mean like every company out there? Mcdonalds food
    ISNT EVEN REAL but we all still buy it. Why dont you go bash on them? Its
    killing people slowly everyday. 

  15. REY SARVIDA says:

    21th Century Perfect Bnz

  16. Stacy Harker says:

    Anyone posting negative thoughts about this video are the one’s that feel
    they have to be right, comfortable or liked. Just saying…..

  17. Empower Network Marketer says:

    Great Video, thanks.

  18. Angela Maynard says:

    Thanks Robert for your awesome video training and encouragement on network
    marketing business. 

  19. LatencyProblem says:

    So much flowery words.

  20. Antoni L. Alvin says:

    From one of todays top financial gurus. Listen for yourself. don’t take my
    word for it.. If you want to win and change your familiies future. 

  21. AvonBy Akosua says:

    Listen to one of the most respected people in business discuss the
    attributes of the network marketing industry. Then call me to find out how
    to start your Avon business. (347) 459 – 2567

  22. JosephDiego Lopez says:

    Network Marketing, Direct Sales, MLM are all pretty much the same thing…
    However the truth is that 95% of the people who join fail. Why? Because
    everybody looks at the end result, financial freedom / the money. Not the
    Work part of Net”WORK” Marketing… Most just jump in and have no clue.
    Leadership and the right guidance are crucial… Don’t jump into the ocean,
    unless you know how to swim… If you need help, look me up I won’t let you
    drown,,, Take Care, Be Blessed… 

  23. Deborah L says:

    Helping others prosper is the win-win attitude for the successful business
    in the 21st century….Now, that’s my speed!

  24. elley may says:

    eye opener!! thanks!!

  25. Erlend K.H. says:

    A previous teacher of mine tried to sell me the idea of joining a MLM
    yesterday. Fortunately, I didn’t bring enough cash with me (we met at what
    seemed to be their recruitment office), and so we agreed on meeting two
    days later. I cancelled the appointment within an hour after I got home,
    because of the shocking things I read about these companies.

    For example, search “MLMs products” on google, and then read a few of those
    articles. Then you might realize that their major revenue is the
    recruitment of new members, not their products/services. The products is a
    cover, and the dream of “making easy money” is a never-ending power which
    keeps the system going. MLMs sell a dream. Their products aren’t
    necessarily superior than products sold via the internet or retail stores,
    but I can guarantee you that the distributors will say that about their
    products. Otherwise, why would you pay ten times the price for a product
    that you could buy in the convenience store or supermarket down the corner?

    Then again, it is true that some distributors are rocket-sellers of this
    dream, and climbs the ladder to become “executives” or higher, who earns
    the majority of the money accumulated in the MLM system. It’s very
    understandable that these people will defend MLMs 100%, because why would
    they be opposed to something that makes them rich? Personally, from my
    ethical point of view, I think of MLMs as an organized crime. We all have
    heard stories of illegal pyramid schemes. I believe that some MLM companies
    try to appear as legitimate as possible, and that’s what to expect from
    businesses that thrive on deception.

    Let’s use Nu Skin as an example. They state (about everywhere) that their
    supplements and technological devices focused on anti-aging are capable of
    resetting “the gene expression toward youthful expression”. If they have
    this amazing technology, it would be logical for them to apply for a patent
    on it in order to sell these innovative products to as many people as
    possible around the globe. So the question is; are their products truly as
    extraordinary as they claim them to be, or is it a well-hidden scam?

    What is your first thought about a product when you see a new commercial
    stating all its incredibly innovative features? Do you instantaneously
    believe in it, and make a run for it to the store to make sure that you get
    the product before everybody else? Hopefully, you don’t, otherwise you’d be
    buying a lot. Then why would the products of MLMs be any better than the
    ones found in the supermarkets? Do they have better scientists? They are
    guaranteed to claim just that. As I mentioned in the beginning, MLMs thrive
    on deception.

    I admit that I did not accept my teacher’s (the one who tried to sell the
    dream to me) proposal to join, and so I don’t have any personal experience
    with MLMs. I am simply expressing my opinion about this business. Another
    truth is that it’s possible to become financially successful while being a
    part of a MLM company, if you’re a persuasive and charismatic seller. I
    have read several books of Robert Kiyosaki, and I’ve thought about him as a
    financial role model. I know that he recommends network marketing several
    times throughout his books, but I didn’t look it up to find out what it
    really is until yesterday. I understand that he recommends people to join
    MLMs to improve their sales skills. So my final statement is this; if
    you’re only interested in the money, go for it.

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