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  1. Eric D says:

    His advice makes sense, but I wonder why his first two businesses failed.
    Be a business owner, but not a small business owner? When you start a
    network marketing company, you end up being the equivalent of a sales rep
    while getting a reward for bringing in others. The average income for those
    in network marketing is about $2,400/yr – not enough to get really excited

  2. 123cyclone789 says:

    Why arent there any skeptics in this comment section?

  3. Let's MLM says:

    Why Robert Kiyosaki recommends #NetworkMarketing (#MLM #DirectSelling)?

  4. Tim Wilbur says:

    this guy rocks

  5. ruthiem45 says:

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  6. anna villegas says:

    POWER! Happy Changing Life

  7. Richard Wyche says:

    Great stuff!!!

  8. okcboi says:

    What if your an employee but your job pays 150k and above? That’s good
    money although you work for it

  9. Kody Banks says:

    This is the kind of guy people should listen to…not their broke friends
    talking nonsense

  10. Adam J. Joskowicz says:

    Fantastic explanation. It is net-WORK model of a business for yourself but
    not by yourself – a system where group of people have vested financial
    interest in your success. In most cases offering free products or services
    for customers willing to do little referring work. A system where you have
    opportunity to determine how much you are “worth”. Jobs are great but they
    do not last in todays world and who controls your income – controls your
    outcome. Network marketing is just a better way.

  11. Marko Tomanič says:

    Network marketing its great opportunity for everyone. I have find one of
    the best bussiness opportunitys on our lives. Contact me for more

  12. Eugene Geslani says:

    POWER!!!!! This is actually true!!!! Wonder rather than Doubt is the root
    of all knowledge!!!! call me if your into a change of life!!!! Eugene
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  13. Frank Olist says:

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  14. challenger says:

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  15. Anne-Marie Fergus says:

    Join my team. Know you can depend on us..

  16. Glenda McCarty says:

    I love my network marketing company. It’s the best decision I have ever

  17. David Gal says:

    This Is More than just a Pyramid Thing!!! It could be the answer you are

  18. Grg 4M says:

    I attend Robert K training twice in Hong Kong what a amazing guru. 

  19. Rudy Ebanks says:

    I found this clip and it confirmed my view.

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  20. Arun Thapliyal says:

    Mlm is best 

  21. divya guha says:

    “The Single Most Powerful Asset We All Have Is Our MIND .
    If It Is Trained Well, It Can Create ENORMOUS WEALTH.”

    “It’s not money which makes you Rich, It’s business skills which makes you

    I totally agree to these point. And I feel I am on my way of success in
    Direct Marketing. And moving towards freedom. Freedom of time and money.

  22. redmond424 says:

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