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  1. startupbuildervideos says:

    I like the way you presented this information in your video #UN#, quite
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  2. Nathaneal Mohr says:

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  3. Jack Pyle says:

    Great suggestions. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  4. Nathaneal Mohr says:

    @JackPyleTV sure thing- Have a great week Jack

  5. Claudia N Couture says:

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  6. Rahul Gurav says:

    Great video Nathanea, can we add our website address in the message box.
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  7. Nathaneal Mohr says:

    thanks for the nice comment, hope your having a great week

  8. Nathaneal Mohr says:

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    Can you still do the comment search with the new Timeline format? I tried
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  11. Nathaneal Mohr says:

    of course, thanks for the compliment

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