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  1. SOLUTIONSSocialMedia says:

    Thank you for creating this excellent video. A really concise and thorough
    over view of why social media marketing is so important in today’s world. I
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  2. Lambton Shield says:

    Great topic and well explained. Keep at it… gregory

  3. VirtualAssistantv says:

    “social media is where people are, and that’s where business has to be”, I
    agree on that idea, =) people have been spending so many hours on social
    medias because all of us want to be heard. maybe it’s time for everyone to
    be productive and not all ventilating feelings and stuff only (although
    that is one of the reasons why social media is created)

  4. slapcompany says:

    Success for Managers is: Time to help my own people realize who they can
    be, not just what they can do.

  5. xyzqwerty777 says:

    keeping it short VERY NICE VIDEO!!!

  6. Josep Guitart Pardellans says:

    Short, concrete and nice and relevant information! Thanks! 😉

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    Social Media Marketing Tutorial Part 1 – Facebook for Business

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    Since this video was produced, there has been an even greater expansion in
    the use of social media. Social media really has revolutionized the way we
    communicate and even in the ways we do business.

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    It is nice informative Video about Facebook Marketing and Social Media

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  23. Philippine Outsourcer says:

    This is a very educational video. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  24. Elizabeth Morrill says:

    This video is misleadingly titled. It should be titled, “Why your business
    should use social media marketing, not how.” I already know why, therefore
    it was a big waste of my time.

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