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  1. robertsicecream says:

    great tips thanks

  2. OmGDomOxD says:

    I’m 14, and my dad gave me 3 thounsand USD to start up a buisness, any
    advice what can I do with those money?

  3. john johnson says:

    @OmGDomOxD you can’t do much. You can’t sign any papers at that age. I’d
    advise to plant trees or something and sell them after few years(like
    christmas trees) Or buy several used, modern gaming consoles, games and set
    up small gaming shop, where kids can come play systems they couldn’t afford
    at home, and cash in for example 2$ per hour… calculate your expenses and

  4. thefreeeek123 says:

    @OmGDomOxD I’d recommend you invest 1,000 of the 3,000 than use the other
    2000 to get some entertainment stuff and charge anywhere between 2-5$ an
    hour for people to come in and be entertained by things they might not have
    at home…The reason I say invest the 1,000 is because over time it will
    grow and you can get more things for your business and have more to
    spend..Look for a money market mutual fund with 10-12$ interest and a good
    track record if you invest.

  5. thefreeeek123 says:

    @thefreeeek123 I meant % not $

  6. nigut25 says:

    @OmGDomOxD Woah 3 G’s is a LOT of money! Congrats! I would say do something
    you are interested in and spend money on regularly. Here is an article I
    read recently:

  7. jalaine1925 says:

    It will be a big opportunity to make your own business …coz it depend
    upon you how you can improved and gain more profit coz it is in your

  8. MTCoblivsicas12345 says:

    @OmGDomOxD he gave you 3k at 14? man that is some present i could
    understand if it was at 18 or 21 but at 14? there no point starting now
    wait till 18 if you get any ideas keep them in mind or write them down for

  9. HCGDieting says:

    Marketing is great. Creating the story for your business and your brand and
    people will be drawn into that story

  10. Rudy Oblimar says:

    Thanks very informative!

  11. 24kojiful says:

    i dont know what will i get. marketing or human resources management. any
    suggestions? pls.

  12. legcaybegins says:

    I always have trouble when it comes to marketing and finding effective ways
    to attract consumers. The more of these videos I watch the more I realize
    that I must engineer my business to be more attractive in order to make my
    marketing strategies more effective.

  13. roussinmark says:

    great videos! like you said “Authenticity” will sell it self, its funny how
    easily this can be missed!

  14. YellowPagesHispanic says:

    great advice!…..nice video 🙂

  15. mikeselljeri says:

    i like your video..they are awesome 🙂

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