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  1. bellesecret says:

    Thanks, thanks, thanks for the good information! Becky

  2. idahocharley says:

    very good info; very inspiring too.

  3. Jo J says:

    Hi, thank you for these videos. Your link (carpetcleaningentrepreneur) is
    not working and it states “NOTICE: This domain name expired on 06/17/2013
    and is pending renewal or deletion.” How can I market online and master the
    local search engine please? You stated you can tell us where to go. Thank
    you! 🙂

  4. john braun says:

    Dominating the search engines is tricky. It takes lots of time and
    effort. To start, make sure you have a really good website with unique
    information. It should be a site that people want to visit.

  5. zestydude87 says:

    What about the internet version of Yellow Book? i have the app on my
    phone and i use it a lot.

  6. Average Bro says:

    Woah@ Im in portland Oregon. Yous till making videos? Canwe talk?

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