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  1. zbowling says:

    looks like an apartment 🙂

  2. William Fennell says:

    this video stalls constantly

  3. George Revutsky says:

    🙂 It ‘s Robert’s place. We made the pilgrimage from SF. -George

  4. Yuri Polchenko says:

    вопрос в том, чтобы люди были органичны

  5. Christopher Faron says:

    It’s slow ’cause it’s 65 mb, on the upside the quality is great!

  6. 12Magazine says:

    it’s very slow !

  7. Steven Barrett says:

    Very Informative!

  8. Steven Barrett says:

    Very Good Information!

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  10. Ray Ricciardi says:

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  11. Ray Ricciardi says:

    They need a salesman?

  12. Ray Ricciardi says:

    They need a salesman? Team leader/manager

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  15. ahsan manzoor says:

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  17. George Revutsky says:


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