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  1. Kyle Eldridge says:

    Love that this was filmed in St. Mark’s Square. Thanks for the video!

  2. woltersworld says:

    Do what I can Kyle. Your video fell out of the top 10 for the last 30 days
    by the way. These are the only two exam videos filmed outside of CHampaign

  3. woltersworld says:

    Thank you. We have lots of business videos on here now. I will be putting
    up about 18 new business/marketing videos over the next week. I make them
    to help my marketing students learn. Thanks for sharing on your blog! all
    the best! mark

  4. Jack Fidler says:

    great video. really helped!!

  5. woltersworld says:

    you are very welcome

  6. EQAVOX says:

    Hey. Thanks for this video, its helped a lot. Saw that my friend jack, who
    is on the same University course as me commented on this and thought I
    would check it out as I am writing an assignment on Marketting. I think I
    can speak for both me and him when I say I have learnt more from you alone
    in just this video than in my entire year at University as my lecturer
    spends most of his time talking about rubbish. Good to know my money isn’t
    going to waste eh ? haha. Thanks again.

  7. woltersworld says:

    Glad to hear I could help. We have about 50 other marketing/strategy videos
    for some marketing courses I teach here on youtube. hope they can help you
    too (if it makes you feel any better I am a university professor, so you
    can feel like the university education is paying off 😉

  8. EQAVOX says:

    Ha thanks I will be sure to look at the other videos 😀

  9. Eric Samson says:

    Fuck yeah dude. You got me an A on my MARK-300 quiz

  10. Yuri Radavchuk says:

    It’s totally clear now. Thank you. It would be nice to know how to involve
    a client in contact while making a b2b.

  11. Mandip Kaur says:

    Brilliant thanks 

  12. Guy Citron says:

    Dude, really helpful. I know this all seems intuitive but it’s nice to hear
    it very concisely summarized like that. Thanks again!

  13. sweethartzoya says:

    your literally amazing! i love your mini lectures, your clear, concise and
    seriously wish you were my lecturer since mine are so useless! thank you so
    much, you have given me hope that i may just be able to pass my marketing
    exam next week!

  14. Paula Arruda says:

    The video is awesome, really good, easy to understand! Thank you very much!

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