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  1. Sammy Trotters says:

    this has helped me remember the 4 p’s for my business class 😛

  2. Bruno Duarte says:

    Omg just listened it today in my business class .. Ahaha

  3. Raymas DeadBoy says:

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  4. MrBlackholeguy says:

    Imagine the Linkin Park version. 

  5. Rosie Connolly says:

    Listened to this in business!

  6. chebrneck says:

    Using a Lady Gaga song automatically makes this a crappy lesson.

  7. Skizzy Graphix says:

    Ha gayyyyy

  8. rosstaylor1979 says:

    I think this is genius. I congratulate the makers. If I was a teacher I
    would definitely use it as a type of mnemonic. I wish stuff like this was
    available for all subjects. It helps make learning fun. I’ll give you
    another example, no-one ever mentions that the best way to get good at
    times tables and mental arithmetic is to play Darts. All Maths classrooms
    should have a Darts Board!

  9. Deanian Scully says:

    good job guys I will certainly share the song with my group of students and
    hope that they can mimic the same ideas in presenting on the different

  10. Will Watts says:

    This is the worst cover ever… the syllabary doesn’t even match…

  11. Darragh Walsh says:

    Needs a better singer 

  12. UnityNations says:

    We are doing this at my School. I actually find this quite amusing. Even
    though the song sucks completely, the song has the essentials parts of what
    marketing is. Price, Product, Place and Promotion. – Matty.

  13. Lauren Steenson says:

    My business studies teacher showed us this, it was very weird.

  14. MrSharpCheddar says:

    Ha! My business instructor showed this in class yesterday! We were all
    laughing so hard and even the instructor would chuckle here and there. Very
    fun video and now I know that I’ll never forget my four P’s…

  15. Ross Smith says:


  16. Mimi Lewis says:

    Hey there, I love this song, its my jam, i play it every night before bed,
    i want this as my wedding song

  17. Chiara chic chi says:

    I love mimi lewis comment 

  18. Chiara chic chi says:

    cait and chichis chocolate surprise 

  19. Zama mlotshwa says:

    This is pretty interesting marketing mix song ..

  20. Michelle Linsi says:

    this helped me so much!!! haha i love this well done (:

  21. Izzy Sahin says:

    This is awesome!!

  22. Laetitia Olivier says:

    This is a fabulous introduction to any marketing presentation, it’s

  23. earnybyrney says:

    Business teacher showed us this song in my class, she actually genuinely
    uses this as a form of punishment because the singing is so bad. But I
    actually quite enjoy it haha

  24. Megan Fountain says:


  25. Terence Horsman says:

    Our Marketing lecturer showed this in University. Man I cracked up so bad,
    I shit myself.

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