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  1. joerams1775 says:

    This was an excellent video!!! thank you very much!

  2. everythinglikethat says:

    smart ( and objectively attractive ) Women. they should lead the world.
    time for an inversion of roles [ but I think Obama is still good ].

  3. Carrie581 says:

    I do know when you are friendly with people and talk to them some seem to
    think you have just become their friend and you should offer your service
    or product free or at a discount just for them. Many are not realistic to
    what it costs to start businesses and keep them going.

  4. New England Martial Arts "Athletic Center" says:


  5. Sabrina Bentley says:

    Really great info. I’ve fallen as well into getting leads and not always
    following up in time and losing customers. Thank you for the reminders. 

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