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  1. mizzstar21 says:

    the stars aren’t gonna align. LMAO great video & information. I’m actually
    looking into becoming a Personal Trainer. btw, what do you think a
    reasonable salary goal would be after working for several years?

  2. Strength Camp says:

    @mizzstar21 SALARY!?!?! Fuck that. Work for yourself. 6 figures by the
    second year if you hustle.


    4 people disliked cause they dnt have balls lol

  4. William Bradshaw says:

    Straight to the point. No BS. Great message!

  5. Elliot Heard says:

    So i need baseballs to start my own gym? lol just kiddin. Thanks ELLIOTT!

  6. Dave T-man says:

    Looking very chubby here.

  7. Alex Ruiz says:

    Damn that bulk!!

  8. Cali G says:

    Yo Elliot! Thanx!

  9. Jai Straughan says:

    so so true…vision and balls

  10. TURTLEDUDE919 says:

    he sounds so high pitched ahaha ohhh Elliott

  11. Nelao Alexander says:

    Lol Why does Elliot sound like that! All high pitched and squicky. Great
    lessons always, then and now!!! Thank you!!

  12. Tacia Williams says:

    Thank you, Elliot!!

  13. Jovani Goins says:

    Thanks so much for this video!!! I really needed to see this. I am on the
    path of building My Fitness Business. 

  14. epicgladiator says:

    Good one Elliot!

  15. youngharzard says:

    Man the evolution of this channel, I love it thanks for shedding some
    wisdom Elliott!

  16. flex78er says:

    Absolutely Right.

  17. KyReem Butler says:

    That’s how i feel.

  18. Galactic Scholar Consciousness says:

    Love these old vids. What a great way to actually SEE based on today the
    Evolution of the Man both in his business and speaking abilities. Love it!

  19. Jayson Munster says:

    I don’t think Elliot had learnt to breath through his balls yet!! Love

  20. Daniel Cynar says:

    Great advise. I completely agree.

  21. 300desmone says:

    this old ass video still on youtube driving the point home……well put

  22. BuyTime.cz says:

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  23. Amritveer Singh says:

    thanks bro….

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