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  1. whiskeywimp says:

    Excellent.Deserves a 5/5!

  2. Phú Hải Nguyễn says:

    I just loved this.

  3. Tuyết Ngân Bùi says:

    Youre the coolest person Ive seen!

  4. sunsea002 says:

    The best YouTube channel. keep it up!

  5. IamTheSEOGuy . says:

    Thanks so much….and thanks for tweeting it

  6. Dave Hilz says:

    What about when the spam accounts stop following you? Some accounts are
    deleted, spammed etc. at that point what do you do?

  7. Marc Connor says:

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  8. IamTheSEOGuy . says:

    Yes Marc, there is a huge difference between trying to get over the 2,000
    hump with only being allowed a MAX of 200 you can follow….. as opposed to
    simply buying 20k+ followers and then never having to worry about it again
    until you reach 20,000

  9. Marc Connor says:

    That was a quick reply dude. But yeah, for me, I’ve begun my professional
    Twitter campaign in late September, just cracked 1,000 organically just at
    the cusp of the weekend. I feel good about that, though 1,000 seems
    credible. Here you are talking about 2 and 5, 10 and 20,000…wow. I wanted
    to get my peers and influencers to follow me, and they have, my followers
    are at least 80% to 85% peers and influencers if not more. I figure I’d
    target my actual market once I get at least a 1,000.

  10. Marc Connor says:

    Like you said, it does take quite some time, and I’m just focusing on
    Twitter, takes me 1 to 3 hrs per day, depending on the posts I want to do
    and how often I engage with my followers. Most days it’s about 1 – 1.5
    hours. So how much time do you spend on Twitter per day? I was thinking to
    get to 2,000 organically then implement your idea of buying followers. I
    have yet to set up my website and blog properly. What do you think?

  11. Anoop Mangalassery says:

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  12. IamTheSEOGuy . says:

    Thanks comingstar… that’s why I have a million followers and the money is
    flowing… best of luck to you

  13. comingstar says:

    Do you know; what sort of CTR rate I can expect if hopefully one day i have
    million followers? What sort of CTR do you receive on average?

  14. jayson Lara says:

    follow me on twitter @GetBothSide ill follow back !

  15. Raye Claire Merlin says:

    follow me @raye_merlin

  16. Michael Garcia says:

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  17. IamTheSEOGuy . says:

    Yes I do, I own both sites.

  18. Tom Hassall says:

    Ok I’ll give it a go tomorrow. Will the ‘followers’ have any link/interest
    to the industry I work in? Is there a choice to categorise followers or am
    I just getting a random cross section of numbers of followers?

  19. A Melvin says:

    This is a good ideea. You need to show a lot a followers before you market
    yourself and your business.

  20. Craig Connor says:

    Great advice. Thanks.

  21. KarmonieMarie says:

    Or you can buy shoutouts for cheap.

  22. bksingle says:

    Reminds me of when the internet debut. Everyone thought just by getting a
    website the whole world was going to see them. No one mentioned anything
    about promotion. Hahaha

  23. Vahagn Aris says:

    Thanks for tips

  24. john cena says:

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  25. MOIUKH MISHUK says:

    No word to say. Just can say you an awesome video….Thanks a lot. Keep up
    the goodish work…

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