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  1. Lach BakerPhotography says:

    Hey, I was just wondering when you would be outing up the video about
    Facebook adds? Thanks

  2. Douglas Lim says:

    Hi if you give me a bit over a week I’ll have it uploaded onto my channel.
    It will be jam packed with lots of info. Cheers.

  3. Lach BakerPhotography says:

    Thanks much appreciated

  4. Elton Hurtado says:

    Douglas! Thanks for this information it’s great.Subscribing and checking
    out your website and other videos! Looking forward to learning. 🙂 I tried
    Twitter marketing back in 2011, and it was great! Seems like it’s WAY too
    protected now. I got suspended after sending 21 tweets, following 15
    people. All tweets were sent manually, not repetitive or with the same
    text. Getting suspended for that little amount of activity, I can’t see how
    other marketers make it happen on there! Help? 🙁

  5. Douglas Lim says:

    Hi Elton! Thanks for subscribing, checking out my website and for your
    comment 🙂 Much appreciated. Yeah Twitter are much more stringent now than
    they were back then. Did you space out your tweets and your follows? I
    think your case is more the exception than the norm because as long as you
    spaced it out, they should not have suspended your account. So what are
    your goals with Twitter?

  6. Elton Hurtado says:

    Hmm, you’re right. I didn’t space them out very much! I’ll give it another
    go. I’m doing photo retouching, so my goal with Twitter would be to use
    targeted marketing and catch the attention of photographers, models, and
    related. 🙂

  7. Douglas Lim says:

    Sounds great Elton! Be interesting to see how the photography scene is like
    on Twitter.

  8. TheSmartassassin says:

    Great video simplifying the process. Even makes it seem fun to find like
    minded people. I am starting the marketing portion of my business journey
    and its been an ordeal. Im practicing right now with a nonprofit so maybe
    ill do some good

  9. Douglas Lim says:

    Thanks TheSmartAssassin for your comment! Appreciate it. Yeah keep going,
    it takes time but you’ll get the hang of it in no time 🙂

  10. Douglas Lim says:

    Thanks Isaiaha 🙂 Yeah it’s much easier to help curate information than to
    always generate information. I really appreciate your encouragement, I’ll
    post some more vids up soon 🙂

  11. louise bertoncini says:

    Very insightful and concise presentation

  12. Praverb the Wyse says:

    Thank you Douglas…all the tips that you provide are spot on especially
    forming relationships with people that retweet your content. I would like
    to take it a step further and suggest that you should form co-marketing
    alliances with people within your niche.

  13. Douglas Lim says:

    Thanks Praverb for your comment 🙂 Great tip there about forming
    co-marketing alliances. Totally agree with you.

  14. Praverb the Wyse says:

    You are welcome Douglas.

  15. Edwin Wilson says:

    Douglas – keep up the good work – good content……

  16. Douglas Lim says:

    Thanks Edwin 🙂

  17. Akbar Azad says:

    I will try this strategy of yours. great video- clear & concise.

  18. Sharon Bhara says:

    Wow thx hun

  19. Howard Boyd says:

    Good looking out Douglas….Very idiot proof approach to getting starting
    effectively using Twitter for Business…

  20. nmshop ksaa says:

    thank very much you help me :)

  21. Stewart King says:

    Thanks Douglas – basic stuff but good to focus though on making sure the
    first steps are covered – more of the same please

  22. Eon Hetherton says:

    Nice, clear presentation. Thanks.

  23. karl peter says:

    Get the step for twitter marketing for getting better result in your

  24. Catalyst Dynamic Outreach says:

    Confused about using Twitter for business? This video from Douglas Lim is
    short but sweet, check it out! http://bit.ly/1tgbMEa #digitalmarketing

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