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  2. Richard Benoit says:

    Personal branding needs to be separated from business branding. By offer
    information and or a freebee to capture personal information works nicely.

    Promotions vs Sales is a real issue in terms of creating and developing a

    You can tweet / mention 1000 times in a day per account as well as use

    Simply following 1000s of Twitters does not equate to being a product
    expert and may be counter productive since you are linking to your

    You can use the concept of “Side Doors” to reach your audience…

    Lets say I sell cars… I would look for the demographics, (location of
    potential buyers, age, income, interests, and economy) and look for side
    interests of cars such as tires for example and start touching base with
    people who own tires… … in the process of taking tires, which is not
    being sold directly by myself, I would offer information and or a deal from
    another source (cross marking potential) to offer some sort of benefit as
    well as to make a PLUG. Having pre qualified and qualified I would know
    how to offer information, service, product to benefit the person being
    spoken to… or Tweeted.

    If I were selling a brand of car and being a noob link to someone else
    selling cars I don’t come across as an expert because protecting ones brand
    is extremely important and experts will NOT give away potential customers
    to their competitor!

    If selling an item or service do not follow or create a list to draw
    attention away from yourself, business brand. Personal brand is important
    but don’t focus on it… business brand is the issue.

    Since you have 140 characters in a tweet and a URL takes up some space
    simply use the keywords (plus greeting) found in the “Side Door” to help
    pre qualify and offer a link. Use mentions to send your tweets since many
    of those you are trying to reach are not followers. You can send 1000
    tweets per day per account and people do check their twitter mentions
    tab… and may pre qualify others by having them simply going to your
    twitter page that has your branding. Such branding (Business Graphics /
    Logo etc… will help establish you as an expert plus helpful tweets
    pointing to common issues around your product or service… but never links
    to people selling the same product or service… not professional.

    1.) Twitter account needs professional business graphics (signage) for

    2.) company URL and profile information needs to be business not personal.

    2.) People buy from People not brands… you can relate + offer value as a

    3.) Since your business is properly branded on Twitter those who come to
    Twitter page will know your interaction is for sales and or
    promotions. If they
    check out out… you have reached 90% of your goal… sales page will

    4.) Prompt in your profile space below your business graphic to check out
    the link
    for a great deal (sales) or for freebies to promote a brand.

    5.) Use mentions versus tweeting you friends since at max you will only
    ever have
    will be 2000 friends (most cases)… You can only send 1000 tweets
    / mentions
    per day but if you have a list of 1,000,000 pre qualified twitter
    accounts you can
    send ALL them tweets in your list… 1000 per day per twitter
    10 Twitter accounts 10,000 mentions per day; plus lists usage.
    Twitter sends a
    mention when you add a user also…

    *** I said list of 1,000,000, but I do not mean a Twitter list, rather a
    text list with a
    script and or internet service sending Tweets / Mentions for you.
    Clarification. 🙂

    6.) Offer savings or a promotional offer and or freebee to capture
    personal data via
    a web form on a business webpage that is properly branded to develop
    trust in
    your brand.

    Twitter is meant mainly for personal use not business issues. The real
    power is being able to on a personal level add value to a brand by caring
    about the needs of potential consumers and being of assistance. Twitter
    allows strangers to say “hi”.

    Useful marketing example that can be applied to Twitter marketing:

    Street Promotions: Wearing a branded t-shirt and looking relax and

    Passers by will walk by if you don’t say a word, but if you say “Good
    Morning… … free Quaker Oats breakfast bar ?” while handing it to
    them… you will have many even in a rush who will take your sample…
    They will remember the Brand(s) if you make a good impression or bad one…
    … The person doing the promotion work brings their personality and
    professionalism and reinforces the brand image of the company being
    represented… A professional promoter will offer value and will be seen
    as an expert because they hold themselves that way… PROFESSIONALLY.

    Straight sales don’t work well if the sales person is focusing on the
    product and or service and is in a hurry to sell… most people get turned
    off by sales people.

    Promotions focuses on the Branding component and sales is not the main
    focus… Companies spend big money on developing their brand (company
    image) to look friendly and approachable… Promotional sales people
    properly trained will focus on the benefits not the features.

    Ask permission fist… may I be of assistance, I see you checking out that
    TV… What kind of features are you looking for… O… we don’t know
    tell us about it please… You will benefit from this TV because it has
    these features and explain the benefits over the features of a competing

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