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  1. ThnkIaA says:

    A female member of the Catholic Church is a Nun, not a priest. Are you
    suggesting that invasive targeting market strategies is a wise decision to
    expand a large firm, I firmly do not believe so. I do not believe that
    having a consistent message in your advertising will convince newer
    consumers into a presented product, rather more innovated and refined
    consumer friendly concepts will drive future market, .

  2. Cyrus Cross says:

    Awesome. I think you just need to get a few of your facts right.

  3. WinterXL says:

    “consistent message” and “innovated and refined consumer friendly concepts”
    don’t seem to be mutually exclusive.

  4. Jay Oza says:

    I bet many of the nones practice yoga and meditation. There is a new
    religion that is being created here in US that is a combo of East and West.
    Not sure what to call this.

  5. Gregory Burrus says:

    Love it. Great way to look at it – bottom line is in the end – with schools
    and all closing in many of my local neighborhoods, someone in the industry
    need to start thinking way out of the normal box.

  6. Pravin H says:

    Nicely done from marketing concepts perspective. These are basic steps in
    any marketing. 1.Define the problem 2.Scan the Industry(Market) 3.Describe
    the Target Customer 4. Optimize the Experience. Social Media is way to go
    today. I do it for all my marketing online products but I admire your
    creativity of your problem and liked how you put the ways you would
    optimize the the end user experience. I would say Marketing put in uncommon

  7. Patel Vidhu says:

    Marketing is about showing right product at right time to potential
    customer. Before trying to sell something you will just need to ask your
    self one question: “will I buy this product as customer?” If your answer is
    yes with strong belief, probably you will sale it very easily.

  8. Daniel Yoo says:

    if you use the product yourself and love it. Its so much easier to sell.
    People sense this.

  9. Luciano Devoto says:

    So simple so good. Loved it

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