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  1. Jeremy Howie says:

    Great video Michael on social media marketing for small business.

  2. Michael Nelson says:

    Thanks Jeremy, appreciate the feedback!

  3. Ragini Rai says:

    Great Video Michael. Thanks for sharing with us.Digital Media Expert

  4. Suki Woodward says:

    I thought this was really interesting about social media and your business

  5. Philippine Outsourcers says:

    My 51 minutes and 36 seconds was not wasted. Indeed, that was a nice video
    – very interesting and informative. Thanks!

  6. AdView Mauritius says:

    “Using social media successfully in your small business marketing” –
    #SocialMedia #Marketing #SmallBusiness

  7. Jay Kolodne says:

    He sounds like the guy who looks like a walrus from that show Mythbusters

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