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  1. whichdegree4me says:

    Audrey is officially in Kenya, congratulations and good luck Ms. Audrey!

  2. whichdegree4me says:

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  3. MarketingDegreeVids says:

    Love these sort of interview style videos, so informative and useful.

  4. whichdegree4me says:

    Audrey went to a Jr. College for 1.5 years then Loyola for 2.5 years.
    Thanks for asking!

  5. laura ramirez says:

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  6. poisonousmeds says:

    She must be really good at her job because that voice is extremely painful
    to listen to, nor can I take her seriously. Ugh I’m such a bad person.

  7. poisonousmeds says:

    Fuck you laura.

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