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  1. Miguel Martinez says:

    First comment!!!

  2. Jared Polin says:


    This week show takes us back into the LOFT for the second show of the year.
    I honestly never know what direction the show will go when we hit record
    but this week took a turn into Business territory that you will not want to

  3. Fantom Luck says:

    1st ………..awsome ep as usual………………………..

  4. TheCosmicPJ says:

    I need a good flash for cheap. Anyone got a used one they would like to

  5. Victor Oliveira says:

    Now that’s an ass

  6. RLfilmz says:

    I didnt think you guys were that much older than me. Jared is forever young

  7. Paul Moadibe says:

    2nd comment !!! (…)
    very good rawtalk as usual ! thanks guys !

  8. TonyC0101 says:

    The Grid!! + RAW Talk!! WORLD’S ARE COLLIDING!! lol

  9. Urban Media Showcase says:

    3rd Bass also did a song called The Gas Face that did pretty well. Top 5

  10. Paul Rodrigues says:

    I’m 17 and want to try to make some money with photography. Got some cheap
    studio equipment and want to use them. I am confident with my work just
    don’t know how to get the customer. Should I start with maybe a part time
    job with a local photographer. 

  11. TheElsingo says:

    You should make an Amish swipe, im sure theres alot of money in that one ;)

  12. Daniel Tooker says:

    Should consider creating a video about data management and back-ups. Would
    love to watch. 

  13. Richifornia says:

    Im not even a photographer and i watch these entire episodes lol 

  14. EdEditz says:

    Ace of Base was an early 1990’s band guys, not eighties. “The Sign” and
    “All that she wants” are both from 1993. 

  15. Michael Zola says:

    Timothy Robbins! AKA (Christopher)

  16. Dave Haase says:

    Thats bad ass I won! I am pumped

  17. Matthew Kotwicki says:

    I liked the outlike with the time stamps in the desc. :(

  18. Roberto Blake says:

    For Winnie the Pooh the character was Christopher Robin. Really looking
    forward to Stephen’s Audio Guide and Todd’s Editing Guide. Great advice
    overall. I’ve been doing a lot of this with my Graphic Design business and
    I’m realizing I need to build a strong team of people who are the best at
    what they do as well. I want to do more creative stuff and still focus on
    the business so I need to find people who make me confident in letting go
    of control on the little things. Really appreciate your perspective on
    marketing a creative business. It falls in line with my own line of
    thinking and what I’ve been doing successfully! Welcome Back!

  19. Ricardo Ribeiro says:

    so much gotch ya

  20. John Campbell says:

    AOL Instant Messenger
    WIndows Messenger
    Friends Reunited

  21. Steve Potgieter says:

    You could have made a Dutch oven joke. lol “Pigeon holing yourself in

  22. Clanki says:

    You forgot Swipe Swipe, you know the swipe for all those swipe makers? ;)

  23. Clanki says:

    I am happy they learned from the D600 but non the less I wish they would do
    MORE testing before releasing cameras. I just left Nikon myself & am going
    to Sony A7 when I can afford it, the earliest in April.

  24. Clanki says:

    I put my money on 6D Mark II

  25. Clanki says:

    Meanwhile nobody gives a Frigg about the million dollar baby (child born in
    the USA by canadian parents who were tourists and had a premature birth by
    a few months) They now owe 1 million bucks and have only managed to get
    crowd funding for 16k$ which is fucked up.

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