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  1. Brandon Lucero says:

    Get some of my newest YouTube marketing advice…plus some booty shakin’,
    Batman, 1920’s Brandon, Wolfpack Nerd and more booty shakin’ YouTube
    Marketing: The Best Type of Business Videos To Use For Your Small and
    Online Business

  2. Sold With Video says:

    Get some booty shaking, gun shooting, 1920’s version of Brandon, Batman,
    Nerd Wolfpack, and more booty shakin’…oh and some YouTube marketing
    advice: YouTube Marketing: The Best Type of Business Videos To Use For Your
    Small and Online Business #videomarketing #youtubemarketing 

  3. Jonathon Weldon says:

    No offence intended but the booty shaking and batman pajamas are really a
    waist of your time and reduce the value of your videos. If it were not for
    the fact that I have been following you for a while. I would not subscribe
    after seeing you were not taking this seriously… at all. Other then that.
    Great video with valuable content. Funny thing was this video was made for
    almost the soul purpose to present the free workshop ( in other words, your
    services) at the end. But hey, that’s marketing for you.

  4. Catherine Laker says:

    I thought your video was entertaining and very creative! So much better
    than listening to some boring guy just standing there rattling off facts
    (blah blah blah). It also shows us what can be done in videos to make them
    a little more interesting.
    Even though Jonathon didn’t appreciate the booty shaking, I thought you did
    a great job. Thumbs up Brandon!

  5. David Straight says:

    Nice vid – I think all the comedy shows your personality – relaxed and
    real. Result are what people pay for.

  6. aslam123 ahmed123 says:


  7. Shawn Wentworth says:

    so, where can I get a set up super hero jammies?

  8. Video SEO Ireland says:

    good advice

  9. Lowcountry Strategic Marketing, LLC says:

    Awesome stuff! Very informative as well as humorous! Thank you.

  10. Patrick Nevin says:

    I liked the part where you ate the bugar! hahaha

  11. Melody Jackson says:

    OMG, so well done… fun… How do you put the little videos on the side?
    So great! Great info, funny — great nerd, great booty-shaking. Doggone

  12. Dave Card says:

    The please subscribe t shirt…Genius!

  13. Jacqueline Adj-Omania says:

    Great information. Parts of the video are very humorous. I am always open
    to FREE information in the area of video marketing. Your call to action
    WORKS! I subscribed…

  14. Wade Castellaw says:

    Hi Brandon. Personally, I would much rather watch a video like yours that
    shows real creativity and hard work. Content is king, but style is queen.
    Did you write, shoot and edit the video all by yourself? Thanks, in
    advance, for answering. I hit like and subscribe. Now I’m off to watch more
    from you. Sincerely, Wade

  15. Chris Colvard says:


  16. Kwesi Henderson says:

    polished video funny and informative I almost did nt watch cuz u only had
    2000 views..hey if sme1 cant draw viewers to their page y listen to them
    but I was wrg. g8 video !!

  17. Graham Commander says:

    Fun & entertaining video and Informative – What a combination – thanks for
    you time and effort -

  18. Bagz more says:

    Subscribed and liked. Now heading over to your Free Workshop. Cheers.

  19. Mak M says:

    Great video… Subscribed

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